Quotes for Belly Laughs

This one is courtesy of a mad libs that a class of 3rd graders helped fill in.

“I promise, cross my eyeball and hope to destroy.” – classic!

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Quotes for Belly Laughs

So I just realized that I’ve amassed a wealth of crazy things my kids have said. I’m gonna let them roll out one at a time every now and again, hopefully giving you a nice belly laugh!

“ooh, yeah….ladieesss.” – Angel, 2nd grade

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Gabriel Metsu’s fair shake

Recently an exhibit opened at the National Gallery in Washington DC to little, make that no, fanfare (according to this the Daily Beast/Newsweek article). A contemporary of Vermeer, Metsu still seems to be largely ignored by modern art goers which is quite astonishing seeing that he once drew more favorable criticism and was more widely regarded than Vermeer. Yet today the feeling is Metsu-who?

Upon a Google search for the artist the first batch of sites that come up include Wikipedia, a site dedicated to his work, and the three museums that have been sharing the exhibit as it has traveled around the globe since last year. The Washington Post article, which was last on the page, gives this little exhibit that could a very fine review*. I am a fan of Vermeer, but to have never heard of this painter, well it’s a shame. Although I’m sure that if I actually spent more time reading about Danish painters I would not have overlooked him.

We see many of the same themes and situations in Metsu’s paintings as we do in Vermeer’s, some almost identical in nature**. However, Metsu’s subjects are not as detached from reality. Elements such as carpets, wall trimmings, furniture are reused in several paintings as with Vermeer. However Metsu’s other aspects do not always feel as meticulously prepared or staged. The presence of tableaux is shared by the two artists but the feeling in Metsu’s is more playful, as if your encounter with the subject was  accidental.  Thirty-four paintings are attributed to Vermeer( there are some fascinating books about men who made a career out of making Vermeer forgeries) but in this exhibit alone are 40 of Metsu’s works – some from private collectors. The exhibit runs through the end of July in the East wing of the National Gallery. If you happen to be traveling through the capital stop and give him a moment of your time. He deserves his fair shake.

The Old Drinker (1657-1658)

*This post was written on May 17 at 11pm and scheduled for publishing at 9am on May 18. On the morning of the 18th, another article about the subject was posted on NPR.

**A Vermeer once sold because it was mistaken for a Metsu.

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Mona Lisa mystery

A few years ago when the hubs still worked at Market Street Books I had the divine privilege of enjoying the world of ARC’s or advanced reader copies. One of the more delightful books I read was the story about the 1911 theft of the Mona Lisa. I highly recommend Vanished Smile by R.A. Scotti. This tiny painting (it only measures 77×33 cm) has an enormous capacity to capture and engage the attention of the world. Constant speculation about the identity keeps conversations fresh. The latest conversation that I’ve come across involves the discovery of the possible crypt of Lisa Gheradini in Florence. Here’s an article from the Telegraph and one on MSN. The path of history that would lead people to those documents, this spot, at this moment is always magical to me. I think that was part of the allure of its study. In addition to these articles how about some interpretations of this iconic and important masterpiece!


Mona Bean!

Fernando Botero

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For my Mother: A belated Mother’s Day post

All of us believe that we have the best mother in the world. I would never argue with your reasons but I wanted to tell you a little bit about my mother (who may or may not be the number one mom out there).

She’s a tough cookie who has a genuine heart for God. The worst word I’ve ever heard her say is ‘jerk’. She’s feistier than she lets on, but dad isn’t the only one I get it from. She’s a woman who lost her father in her early twenties and never let that interfere with her love for her step-dad, the grandfather that I grew up with. She waited eight years to marry my dad and has been married to him for thirty years. They got married and she moved back home because dad was deployed days later. She’s moved with my father countless times because of his job- uprooted the family and moved on because it was what was best for the family at the time. She watched my brother suffer through treatments for neuroblastoma as an infant. She took time to read to me every night before bed when I was a little girl. She made it a goal in life to create a good and successful relationship with me, her daughter. She was a Girl Scout and Cub Scout troop leader. She made ninety percent of halloween costumes (she’s fabulous at a sewing machine). She made God, home and family her top priorities. She survived my middle-school teen years- WHAT EVER. She let me work in Michigan after my freshman year in college- in which I had to get there by myself. She didn’t tell me I was crazy when I said I wanted to teach art- she was, however, probably thinking it when I took this new job that entails a pay cut. She watched me marry a wonderful man and move away without being resentful but fully supportive. She has watched my brother grow into a young man. A young man who recently graduated from the Naval Academy and is now a 2nd Lt. in the Marine Corps. And now she is about to retire after 32 years of Federal Service. My mom is awesome. She is strong and lovely. She’s proud of me, but I am very proud and very grateful for a mother like her.

I love you mom! Happy retirement (and I’ll see you in June!)

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I like shiny things

I like things that sparkle and shine. Magnets are no exception. This is something I’ve been creating lately- magnets using recycled magazine pictures. What do you think?

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