Harvest Corn

DSC_0035I have started a project with my fifth graders where we talk about the importance of corn in America. While researching this topic I was surprised by the shear expansion of the industry. It is currently estimated that there are between 2,500 and 4,000 products in grocery stores that have corn as an ingredient. It’s used in plastics (I think I had learned that on the Discovery Channel- Dirty Jobs? Not sure) and is even used as (I’m assuming a binder) in crayons! Amazing. It’s EVERYWHERE. We are steadily approaching fall. That in mind, we’re creating corn paintings. Texture is important to the success of our artwork but lends itself to complex drawings. My example for the kids wasn’t finished yet, but it looked so rad I had to capture it. It will be completed with warm fall colors. Yum. Corn.


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