so fired up

Mike and I went to Asheville during the Labor Day weekend. Neither of us has been there before (excepting passing through on the way to El Paso) and we thought it would be the perfect opportunity. The weekend was filled with delicious food, log cabins, delightful weather, and paint your own pottery!

In college I had a mug I had decorated with cherries and a plate and bowl with some sponge patterns with hearts. I had them all through college and they gradually fell apart during multiple moves in the years following. I have missed them greatly because it was a personal creative moment that i got to share with friends. I enjoyed getting compliments. They became part of my daily life for four years- movies, cold winter days, friends.

Anyway, off track- gah, I went to a cute little paint your own place in Asheville while Mike enjoyed some local brews. I enjoyed some quiet time with my ipod, a bisque mug, and a paintbrush. I’ve really been into citrus colors lately. They had some glazes that speckle when fired and they were available in red, yellow, light blue, and lavender. I chose the red and yellow because they’re such bright, beautiful colors. LOVE! I added orange to wrap up the warm colors. I chose the light blue to paint some concentric circles inside the mug. I finished her up with some lyrics from Elbow’s latest album, The Seldom Seen Kid. They opened for Coldplay and we instantly fell in love! I’m a bit obsessed right now. Now we live three and half hours from Asheville which doesn’t lend itself to just popping by and picking it up. It had to be shipped here to Durham.  I came home earlier this week and lo there was my delightful mug. Here are a couple of pictures. The glazes are not as flexible as I’d like them to have been, but it’s close to what I wanted.

my writing is a little wonky but the lyrics are beautiful.

my writing is a little wonky but the lyrics are beautiful.

Darling is this love? (Starlings)

Darling is this love? (Starlings)

a bit of the detail.

a bit of the detail.


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One Response to so fired up

  1. Great post – nice to see your work, and to know that you enjoyed doing it so much.

    Since you’re in the Carolinas, I invite you to stop by our studio if you’re ever in Charleston – earthArt Pottery and Art Studio – a paint your own pottery, clay handbuilding and glass fusing studio. We’d love to have you if you’re ever down this way!

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