I’m really into Orange right now!

variations of the color Orange

variations of the color Orange

Orange: it is a warm color; the creation of red mixed with yellow- thus a sharing attributes of both; it demands attention but is not aggressive; it represents vibrancy, fascination, happiness, creativity, and encouragement; a social color; stimulating- energy and appetite; a color that signals the coming of autumn; desire; conservatism; named for the orange fruit- which brings to mind good health; regalia in America is associated with engineering; in heraldry it represents strength and endurance; it’s complement on the color wheel is blue; its complement in true color theory is azure; it is the national color of the Netherlands; it is the representative color of major political parties world wide; the word Orange does not rhyme with any other English word; it represents Irish Protestantism; it is a traditional symbolic color of Hinduism; in the U.S. Army it is the official color of the signal corps; orange auras are said to be representative of ambition and stubbornness; it symbolizes fire and heat; it is a symbolic color of Halloween because of its visual association to pumpkins and other orange foliage; it has a high visibility rate and is used in all manner of safety cones, objects, equipment, and clothing; orange was used as a means of protesting Chinese human-rights violations at the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics.


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