In the mood…

…for FALL!!! Autumn is my favorite season. Favorite, favorite, FAVORITE! I’ve pulled out the pumpkins, fall-foliage, seasonal candles, crows, and ghosts. I enjoy the warmth, the opportunity for tea, sweaters, cozy pants, blankets, and scents. Pumpkin-pie and cake and bread are realities now. Silly fall crafts are here- you’ve already seen my little owl. One of my favorite things right now is my Partylite Express-It candle holder. It’s a five piece luminary that comes with an insert and a photo mat. The insert I received was a winter scene but it was too country for my taste. Simple fix! I decided to freshen it up with my own papers. I had a peppy green and blue circle paper for summer and now I’ve broken out the spider web paper. It holds votives or tealights and emits a soft glow from behind the paper. I’m thinking velum and some glittery snowflakes for winter (because snow is a rare occurence here). A quick shot – my excitement to take a picture early in the day means there’s a glare. sorry.

a sideways view of the candle holder.

a sideways view of the candle holder.


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