Halloween was quite productive for Mike and I this year. After not really doing anything for a couple of years we went all out. Last year was so busy that we didn’t even have the chance to carve our pumpkins. Sadness! This year I created Edwina: The dinosaur who didn’t know she was extinct (thank you Mo Willems) and Mike made a vomiting pumpkin because it was rotten when we opened it up. Below are some pictures of the carving. I somehow never took a picture of my pumpkin in its completed form. Weird. I used some of my old carving tools and it looked pretty good. Oh well, next year.


Rotten pumpkin = grossness!


Vomit pumpkin!


Beginning of Edwina.


Zombie attack!!!

Now, for the picture above. Ha! On October 30th there was a Zombie lurch through part of Downtown Durham. It was amazing! I estimate about 150 to 175 zombies in the lurch (this includes hunters, victims, photographers, and the like). There were even children dressed as zombies. Well, Mike’s makeup was a joint effort. He used latex and toilet paper to create the crevices of the face wounds. Great texture was created. Then I stepped in with the face paint and added the death and gore. I did theatre during high school and college and this was a nice chance to whip out my skills. Top it off with some fake blood and there you have it. ZOMBIE!



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One Response to Braaaaaiiiinnnnnnnnnnnss!!!

  1. Celia says:

    Looks like a lot of fun! I’ve been exploring the world of zombies recently (even watched my first zombie film, Zombieland!), and I have to say that I’m mad impressed by all of the great costumes and makeup that are involved. Hope you took pictures!

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