Project 365

Nervously and anxiously I have decided to take the 365 Challenge. I procrastinate (you can tell from my recently UN-updated blog). A project starter-perhaps-finisher. After discovering the challenge through Heather’s photoblog, I continued into ether (a.k.a. Photojojo) and learned a little bit more. The site offers up some tips in a Tutorial on the whole picture a day movement. Needless to say, I think 2010 will be a year of changes. I shall start here.

My goals here: 1.) jump start my creative ethos. 2.)give better insight into my life  3.) explore not only photography but the people and places in my life.

I have decided to begin TOMORROW(!), not the 1st. Why wait, you know?!  I’m really hoping to keep it up. I would like to echo Heather in that I will post a new photo everyday excepting for trips which will then result in a large posting of belated photos.

Check back to see where this goes. And if I start to slide, give me a push to dive back in. Encourage, encourage, encourage! In my excitement, here’s a picture from our trip to Vienna. Enjoy!

One of my favorite parts of Vienna: sitting on a bench enjoying accordian music to my right, Mike to my left, and Anker in my hand!

Happy snapping!


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One Response to Project 365

  1. cassyh says:

    Good luck with your photo project! I’m doing the same thing! 🙂 Happy 2010!

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