Paper Beads (part 2ish)

Hi everyone. Well this week has been a mess; Snow days four out of five school days, and one two-hour delay. I taught for a total of three and half hours this week. My productivity level regarding  school work has been close to zero. However I have worked at school on some artist trading cards (which I’ll be making with third graders soon) and found some time to work on my paper beads. I have yet to drill the holes (tomorrow?) but I have painted most of them.  You can go back to visit part 1, if you’d like!

The dry beads.

Fix #7 : I like texture and have decided to forgo the sanding part. Because I beat the paper to a mush, the edges didn’t turn out too ragged anyway.

Red, Orange, and deep Purple.

I’ve also painted some a lovely shade of green. I’ll add some blue and yellow to the mix tomorrow.

An update will be posted when I finish. Happy creating!


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