365 [12 Feb 2010]

Waxpaper and melted crayon hearts. Charming.

Valentine’s Day has always been slightly more exciting for me, seeing as it is the day after my birthday. My friend Heather was looking for some valentine’s projects to do with her daughter while they were snowed in up around DC. (Twice in a week- crazy!) I suggested the reliable wax paper and melted crayons cut into shapes. I haven’t done this since an art ed class in college. I made them earlier this week but just got to stringing them tonight. All of my lights in the house are yellowish (I love that warm, cozy feeling) so this isn’t the greatest picture but hopefully enjoyable nonetheless.


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One Response to 365 [12 Feb 2010]

  1. Heather D says:

    I love the lighting in this picture, actually! Very lovely! I had fun doing the same project– I think it was a little ambitious of me to think that Grace could help at barely 3 years old. I ended up doing it all by myself, but kinda liked it that way:)

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