365 [26 Mar 10]

Dodecahedron goodness!

Intersession for this small group of boys (two not pictured) was great. We started the week by making origami boxes and we ended with some awesome dodecahedrons! Mr. M missed two days so he was stuck with making a cut and fold dodec. Mr. E on the other hand is showcasing, proudly, his finished dodec replete with geometry terms. Hopefully that helps him prepare for the EOG’s.

To make said goodness:

1. Cut out 12 same-sized circles. Ours were five inches.

2. Measure the circumference of your circle. I can’t remember what mine was specifically. This step is necessary so that you can determine the length of each side of the pentagon that will form the dodec. Our pentagons had sides that were a little more than two inches long.

3. Create a pentagon on each circle, making sure that each point touches the edge of the circle.

4. After your pentagons are complete, make a fold on every line.

5. If you’d like to fill in vocab or pictures, now’s the time to do it!

6. We used double sided tape to connect the pieces. Start with one pentagon and attach a new pentagon to each folded side of the first pentagon. It will look like a flower at first. Continue attaching the sides. Half of your dodec. will be complete.

7. Repeat step 7.

8. Attach both sections together and enjoy! To make a sturdier version use a flexible plastic to create your circles.

This was a great way to introduce a new 3D shape, review critical math vocabulary, and work with complex directions. These boys had a great time!


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