365 [18 Apr 10]

A plethora of fun things!

There’s a new bookstore in Chapel Hill called Fly Leaf. It’s a beautiful and cozy and warm. They have a quality selection of new books as well as a section of gently used books. We were putzing around the store and were inching our way to the door (at the nudging of the hubs) when I said, “Oh, just a quick look at the used books. I haven’t even made it to that section yet.” I bee-line it to the ‘arts’ section and there it was! Golden treasure of the day, the Usborne complete book of ART THINGS!!!! I bought the hardcover at a nice “previously-owned” discount. I seriously recommend this book to, well, everyone! Whether you need a small project for little kids, journaling ideas, art lessons for kids, or just a break for you to create something fun, this is the book for you. I’m going to start a morning journal club next year and use this book for some ideas. Very excited about introducing this to a small group of students next year. I hug this book sometimes. No lie!


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