Box Bags (Or a post that’s not a 365 photo)

The end of school is nearing and my need to start filling my time with non-school business has increased. I’ve been busy creating Art Bingo for next year and making a few sample projects I plan on teaching as well but this weekend I really felt the urge to create things that had nothing to do with school. Huzzah! I made some necklaces on Saturday but the real excitement comes in the form of box bags. Yes, box bags. My parents always called me “the Bag Lady” because I would walk around the house just dripping in purses and bags. Anything I could get my hands on!

I found two tutorials and merged them together to help streamline the creation of my own. One comes from Dragon[knit]fly and the other from Indie House. I generally stuck to the Indie House tutorial because of its simple and clear explanations, plethora of photos, and it’s choice of print: adorable elephants! Let’s be serious, who can pass up adorable elephants??? Certainly not me. Dragon[knit]fly was beneficial for adding a handle.

This was my first time creating a structured bag that was not a tote AND my first time inserting a zipper. My first bag turned out a little wonky but I was already improving by the second one. I’m really excited to visit my parents in Woodbridge, VA because there’s an IKEA and IKEA means beautifully designed fabrics on the cheap. I can’t wait to create more. Aren’t these great gift ideas? I’m using the white one to hold my Nintendo DS accoutrements. The white fabric is circa the early 80’s, ala my birth. The grey bag exterior is made from IKEA fabric (which they seem to no longer carry online, but I recently saw it in the store). I really like the contrasting yellow zipper I chose for the grey one. Now I just have to decide what to use this one for!


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