365 [10 Jul 10]

Tissue paper collage.

An easy and beautiful journal idea. This comes via The Usbourne Complete Book of Art Ideas. What you need: mod podge or some sort of glue, small brush, tissue paper, scissors, paper for pasting on, and a fine tip black marker.

1. Decide what you’re making. This and the book example are flowers. But I’ve made animals and other things. So sketch out an idea first.

2. Tear your tissue paper into small pieces. Shape them as you tear. I went for oblong shapes that would work well for petals. I cut out the leaves to make them appear neater and more realistic (if that’s possible with brightly colored tissue paper)!

3. Decide your placement and with your brush smooth some glue onto your paper and place the tissue paper shape.

4. Spread glue on top of the tissue paper liberally to give it a nice sheen and to ensure that it is adhered to your paper. I like to use glossy mod podge but any paste will do.

5. Continue for all shapes. Let it dry well.

6. Once the glue is dry create contour lines around and on your tissue paper shapes to define edges and details. In my picture you can see some in which this step is complete and others that are not. It adds texture and dimension to your project.

There you have it, a fun and simple project for a little creative necessity!


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