Circles that go ’round and ’round

Concentric circles have been on my mind a lot lately! I’ve had 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade creating projects that include concentric circles. Two of these projects were part of my 365 challenge on September 15 and on August 13. (check them out!) My 2nd graders are starting to work with concentric circles now. We’re working with the rainbow order, mosaics, and concentric circles in this project. They turn out beautifully every time! So here’s what’s going on:

Each student starts by drawing a half-dollar sized circle in the middle of their paper. I have strips of paper that I use for both weaving and mosaic projects available on my middle counter. This allows the kids to grab what they need, when they need it. Using the circle as a guide they draw a line around the circle with glue. They cover this line of glue with pieces of red to start.

They continue the process of laying mosaic “tiles” moving outward from the center.

After they create their six concentric circles they get some gold paper to fill in the center. They already enjoy the project, but throw in some gold paper and woo you’ve got some giddy kids!

I love doing this with 2nd grade. It only takes two fifty minute classes to complete the project. When they’re done I let them work together to make another one of these concentric circles but larger, much larger! Try it out. It’s a strong lesson in vocabulary but it also allows the students to work on their scissor and glue skills. Don’t you love just looking at these circles?!


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