Art Teacher Approved: Chroma Temp Tempera

I’m continuing my gotta-have list with a shout out to Chroma Temp! When I began teaching at my current school I inherited a basement full of art goods. And it literally was a basement. My school used to be a high school and the gym is detached and looks like an airplane hangar. I moved all of those wonderful basement treasures to a trailer three days before school began my first year.

Now I may be a bit strange for admitting this but I LOVE to organize things. The hubs often has to stop me from restocking shelves when I see things in the wrong place at stores. I’ve often dreamed of just working to stock and arrange shelves of goods and clothing. Weird, I know!

Boy did I get my fill of organization. I had to clean out a lot of useless materials. However there were some gems. Chroma Temp happened to be on of those gems. It also happens to be all over the school and I have been inheriting it from teachers (who have oodles of it and no time to utilize it) left and right, which is outstanding.

Why do I love Chroma Temp? A couple of reasons:

1. The opacity. It’s just great. Lame, I know. But really, until you’ve made your way through some of the alternatives you will appreciate the value of one or two coats vs. five plus.

2. The color. Bright and bold colors draw me in, especially when their intended purpose is for colorful children’s art! The hues also yield delightful mixed colors.

3. Viscosity. I love that I can pour paint and it won’t spread all over the place. I do have to note that I have some bottles that were never opened and are about six to nine years old. These old bottles (which were not all kept in cool areas) have separated and do run, but how could you not expect that. The color is not affected and the new bottles never present this problem.

It runs a little more expensive than Crayola tempera but I think it’s a great investment if you can afford it. Just add this to my list of those gotta-haves for my art room.


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