Origami Wedding Flowers

My friend Carey got married at the end of September. It was wonderful seeing him get married because we go way back (eleven years way back). This wedding was really small and personal.

To keep things personal, a lot of brides take on the actual production of wedding matters or ‘schtuff’. When I got married three years ago I was all over the making of ‘schtuff’: the centerpieces, favors (family recipe cookies in hand-stamped monogramed bags), program and other things I can’t think of right now.

However there were many more things that I left to the professionals. Well Carey and A left it to a professional who also happened to be a friend which kept it personal.

All the centerpieces were handmade by Karin of Everlasting Blossoms. You can view her website here and her etsy here. Karin created hundreds of origami flowers that also served as favors. Every table had a small milk glass urn filled with flowers- sweet and simple. Paper flowers in weddings are huge right now. Check it out here, here, and here if you need some proof.

These aren’t your everyday lilies either. Karin uses a variety of papers to create roses, lilies, tiny buds and several other large beauties. The hubs even picked out a pretty yellow bloom to pop into his lapel. She’s wonderful at her craft and I wanted to share her gorgeous work with you. I took a small bouquet home and it’s enjoying a space in our living room.

Just keeping it personal.


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