New Painting!

A while ago this painting was featured on How About Orange and I wanted to make one immediately. That didn’t happen, but I’ve finally made one for myself! For this painting I started with a light blue. I mixed my own colors for this one. Man am I out of practice! I wanted to make a blue to match the wonky pot but I couldn’t get it green enough. The final color is still beautiful.

I finally found some 1/4″ tape at Jerry’s Artarama. I created a design with diagonal lines. I went asymmetrical because that’s what I’ve really enjoyed lately. Also using a palette knife is much more rewarding for me. The texture that’s created is great and adds needed depth to my color field. So whenever I have the chance to use one I put my brushes aside. I began to fill in the middle area with the blue I made.

After I finished the blue I mixed up some orange. The orange turned out more coral so I went with it. The coral is very rich and warm, not the rich and warm I was going for, but  still a nice contrast to the blue.

My original color scheme was light blue, yellow-orange, and a light yellow. I ended up with light blue, coral, and a light yellow. This is what it looked like:

I changed my mind about the yellow and went with a green that matches a pepper we bought at the farmer’s market last weekend. Here’s the final product with the tape removed so that you can see the white lines. Love it. I painted it with the green in the lower left corner. After turning the canvas around a few times we stood it so that the green section was in the top left corner. Nice.

The extra texture is from the underpainting. This was a canvas from a painting class a few years ago. I didn’t like the painting so I white-washed it and now we have this. I can deal. I guess our next big step is hanging it. I have a feeling it will sit on the table for a while.


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