Art Teacher Approved: Magic Rub Erasers

Magic Rub is absolutely the only eraser I use at home or at school.  I even go so far as to rip every pink eraser out of the pencils I leave on each table. I shudder at those little pink blunders.

These have been part of my art experience since middle school. You can buy versions by Sanford, Paper Mate and Prismacolor. I own the Sanford variety at school, but there is no difference. It’s also an affordable tool for the classroom- well worth its fair cost over the cheap pink disasters. I keep them around longer by cutting the rectangles in half.  There’s also an easy way to keep these white erasers clean. Have you heard of the trick to clean erasers? When they start to get blackened from pencil and/or charcoal I have the kids rub them on one of my carpets. This makes them nice and white again.  So simple and the kids are AMAZED! I think I still am too. I love them for many reasons:

– They do not tear or rough up the paper (unless a student goes absolutely wild).

– They erase pencil well and leave a clean paper behind.

– They clean up well (super secret simple trick!)

– They do not crumble.

Magic Rub erasers, aside from the semi-unfortunate name, are wonderful. I highly recommend them for any artist- my Kinders included! They also make great stamps for printing. They carve just as easily as many speedball products. So remember, for a good erase think Magic Rub!



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