It has taken me a while to update and here is my list of reasons why. They are either wonderful or ridiculous. Can you figure out which ones are which?!

1. I spent a weekend in New Bern being emotionally and professionally fed.

2. We are under contract on a house.

3. We are under contract on a house.

4. I’m hanging art left and right (currently at the Graham Library).

5. ZOMBIES!!!!!! (more on that later)

6. MUSE. MUSE!!! It was an awesome concert. In my top 3, really.

7. Several visitors- it’s amazing how we’re packing them in in this tiny apartment.

8. Home inspections and loan process.

9. Car accident.

10. Sprained ankle recovery.

11. Meetings at school. I have never known any other school to hold so many meetings.

12. Where’s Waldo costumes.

13. Marriage. We’ve been busy and don’t see each other as often as we normally did. All manner of things, ridiculous or wonderful, has been truly good for us. Enjoying time with the hubs.

I could continue but a baker’s dozen is good enough. Hopefully I’ll be back to my usual regularly scheduled programming. I’m leaving you with a sweet Durham, NC sunset.


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wife. art teacher. whirlwind.
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