For our Veterans (Art for a cause)

Happy Veterans Day! Today is a federally sanctioned holiday so thank Presidents Wilson and Eisenhower for your day off and then thank a soldier for being the reason for your day off. Supporting our soldiers is an important duty. My brother is a Marine and my father was a Marine. My grandfather and step-grandfather served during WWII. Supporting our soldiers is very important to me. Many organizations and charities exist to support soldiers: Wounded Warriors, NMFA, the VA, the USO,, Adoptaplatoon, etc.

A few weeks back a teacher brought a flyer her daughter had picked up at the National Museum of the Marine Corps in Quantico, VA*. I have added it below for your viewing pleasure. I immediatly wanted to participate. The goal is to provide art to wounded soldiers who are at Bethesda Naval Medical Center.

We don’t have many families at my school with people serving in our military so I thought this would be a great way to teach our kids about these important men and women. To do our part the specialists at my school used class time on Wednesday the 10th to create art with a message for these soldiers. I showed our older students some videos that are connected to Wounded Warriors. Since our artwork will be displayed at Bethesda Naval Medical Center I wanted to give them an idea of who they were making art for.  Here are the videos I showed to my students.

Our kids made some really awesome art to send to these soldiers. Many of them truly understood that there are people out there fighting for our country, taking on a very dangerous job for us. I gave the kids a list of words that might be tough to spell but didn’t tell them what to write or draw. Below are some pictures of my kids working. Artwork must be mailed by November 30th so you’ve got time to send in your own.

*Quantico, VA happens to be where my brother is currently at TBS, and is 10 minutes down the road from where my parents live. Sort of hilarious that a daughter of a teacher brought this to my attention when I have so many ties to the area!


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