Who, me?

I’m beginning to think that my need for a creative outlet comes from an on-the-go childhood. I basically went to a new elementary school every year, stood still long enough for one middle school, but bounced one last time after my Freshman year of high school. The moving and shifting was due to my dad’s job with Ford. He was lucky enough to be rewarded for his excellent work and if that included a paid transfer, well, then off we went.

Friends, homes, and activities constantly changed. I was always able to bring those creative elements into my life. I had my foot locker filled with paints, markers, papers, glitters, and everything else imaginable for creating. Growing up in a church and the Girl Scouts helped to enforce my need for creativity. It was so much of a hobby that in high school I didn’t take a single Art class (which is funny in retrospect considering where I am now).

After all of that childhood transition I headed to college and enjoyed the change of roommates/residences for four years. It was here that I dove into art. My major, History, allowed for a generous helping of electives. I filled 75% of these openings with photography, ceramics, printmaking, sculpting, and independent studies.

It was at the end of my college career that I decided to move to Greensboro, North Carolina to pursue my teaching license in art. I spent another year completing my course work and the week I finished at Greensboro College I married my college sweetheart. It was during our honeymoon that I got my first teaching gig. That was August 2007.

Mike and I currently live in Durham, North Carolina. Most artist educators would agree that academic life often drains our own creative-self. I did little in the way of artistic expression outside of school during my first three years. We give so much as educators and this is my time to bring back to me. Be selfish for once. Really, really selfish. Create for my own good and need. I have to or else I won’t survive this career. I find myself teaching less and less because of benchmarks, EOG’s, and unnecessary assemblies. I want to advocate for my career and I have to start with me.

So, besides that, what moves me? Everything. I’m a great fan of color. I love history and embrace it. Vintage anything makes me grin. I love traveling and delight in wandering a city for days on end. I am in love with Vienna. I love texture. I am simplistic and cozy but I also like structure and organization. I need femininity not frilliness but adore a good sparkle. I am drawn to bold colors and just about everything in an IKEA! Martha Stewart crafts make me jealous (sad but true). Sitting in the ocean with a good book makes me very happy. I take pleasure in being in nature. I also love photographing old people and want to turn that into a business.

I hope you find something useful around here. Take care and keep it classy.  Thanks for visiting!



1 Response to Who, me?

  1. Freddie (bullcitybungalow) says:

    was just browsing old posts on my blog and noticed you left a comment on an old post of mine…Your house is not a bungalow…No characteristics of one…It looks more like a post-war cottage…Cape Cod cottage maybe? I’d love to see your house though! It looks awesome as is!


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