Just say Gnome!

Gnomes. They’re small, cute, and could fit into someone’s pocket. Not to be confused with goblins or dwarves. After my brother’s graduation from TBS at Quantico my family went to lunch at Jimmy the Greek family restaurant. There’s a sweet little shrine to America. Complete with patriotic gnome. Of course I had to record it. Are gnomes in or out? I don’t think they’re overdone…yet.

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Snow and Graham

Snow and Graham are a design studio based out of Chicago. This is a card from their 2011 line. Someone special will be receiving this delightful card. Guess who?!

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So, I found this leg…

Children come up with the most amazing things sometimes. Randomness is part of the vernacular and I thrive on it. A student handed me this leg and I happily shoved it inside my puffy vest and said “Shoo! Go play” to the happy child. I forget about the leg and pulled it out as I was getting into my car. This moment just screamed “take a picture!” And I did.

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Home, Sweet, Home (a second helping)

The living room looking from the dining room.

Opposite view.

I love, love, LOVE our fireplace!

Screened porch, complete with blue ceiling.


Bedroom. Curious about the pillows? Made by me with IKEA fabric.

The walls are blue, the mood is not.

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Color Thesaurus

Go HERE now! I can’t remember how I came across this website. I was probably looking up something on color families for a school project. It’s a color thesaurus designed by Nathan Moroney  (read his bio) at HP Labs. You can search for a color and it returns information on its make up and hex code as well as a list of synonymous colors and their complements. Very fun for you computer/design nerds out there (or art teacher’s trying to mind their creativity!)

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Home, Sweet, Home (a sampling)

We had to buy a new bookshelf because we are OBSESSED with books.

From the living into the dining room. Love that fixture.

A little Mad Men action for you. We're classy.

Our small central hallway and spacious linen closet.

Phone nook!

The adorable (yet small) bathroom.

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Where have I been?

Around. Lame, right? Since moving into our home I haven’t wanted to do much on the computer. I’ve worked in the yard on some warmer days, I’ve made pillows and gotten our home in order. It’s really come together. My family was here for Christmas and we had a killer New Year’s party. So, now to catch up on the nearly three month absence. Wow, that’s a hard thing to swallow. Yikes! Well, welcome back and happy (belated) New Year!

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